Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Top Things At The Moment

     1. Sunglasses from H&M. They are so wonderful when the sun is out.
     2. Laura Biagiotti's roll-on deodorant, smells like heaven.
     3. Face Mask from H&M. I'm addicted to them. Makes your skin supersoft.
     4. My Big Ben keychain which I made into a bracelett.
     5. Espresso Me nailpolish from H&M. It's damn faboulus!
     6. Emily Bronë's Jane Eyre. I've just started reading it but I've falling in love with it.
     7. Eyebrow pen from H&M. wow, this is a piece of brilliance.
     8. Vaseline. Bought it last summer in London but love it still.

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