Sunday, 27 June 2010

To die or not to die - that is my question

One thing I've been wondering about is: who is the luckiest? The people who die young, or the people who live almost a houndred years? I see life as a big test where you have to get through different stages in life to get to heaven. But the people who die young, do they have a bonus card or something? People always say: poor guy, only 20 years old. but it's not him they're really sorry for, it's the family and friends. So it's really them who is being punished. It's the people who remain who is the unlucky ones. And the longer you live the more pain, sorrow and other shitt you have to take. Yes, it might be good memories and stuff like that too, but I know I would rather go to heaven early then stay on earth for decades experiancing all of that.
But I really don't know. God invented us dumber than him so he could get to tell us the true meaning of life himself when we get to the gate of heaven, so I guess we just have to waint until we arrive there.

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