Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Where one chapter ends, another one begins

Photo - Camilla J Walker
Last day at Danielsen today. It was a really great ending after 2 years (Since I went my second year somewhere else) together. We watched pictures from 8. grade and the teatchers talked about how they had experianced these years together with us. It was all very beautiful. Then in the end we all gathered outside to hugh etch and everyone and wish everybody a great summer and good luck in life. Come to think about it I think it is very very sad. I do not really want to quit at all. And when I thought about the fact that I would never arrive late for class again, never stumlbe up the stairs catching my breath, never make small comments in the class, never eat lunch with my best friends and so on. It made me really sad.

But I guess where one chapter ends - another one begins, and though I do not want to end this one I have to move on to the next page of my life and continue writing on my history. It might be scary but nobody said life would be piece of cake. So if anyone from my old class read this I just wanted to tell you: I know I haven't really been the most outgoing person, and you probably thought I was a retard and even though I might have thought about you in the same way somethimes: I am really greatful that you gave me the oppurtunity to be myself. To feel welcome, and to feel that I was no less then the rest of you.
Thank you so much.


helene said...

åå så fint skrevet! du har vel gidd bittelitt av din ros til oss på åstveit også når du skrevet dette? Iallefall litt til meg? (A) Det året du var på åstveit var iallefall kanon <3 lykke til videre på akademiet mummi :D :D

Anne-Marte said...

Å, visste ikke at du har fått ny blogg.
Lykke til videre! Du er kuul

Milly's coffe cup said...

tusen takk begge to :-)
Joda Helene. Jeg gir masse ros til deg! :D