Thursday, 8 July 2010

I'm losing you, trust me on this one

Everyone is running. Running in different directions. I'm not fast enough to follow. I don't know who's path that is the right on. Everyone's getting somewhere. They're making friends, enemies, lovers, relations, but they are no relations of mine. Everybody grow stronger, but I remain the same, fragile creature. They keep running, but I can't keep up. I try to stay on the path but it's parting in too many directions. where do I go? The fog is all around. I can see no more. Everybody's gone, or so it seems. They all have new lives now, only I am still the same. Not developing in any directions, just sitting behind the same screen, in the same room, while staring out the same window, wondering when I'll break free.
When I'll break free from my misary

Sorry, I know this is now officially an emo blog, but bear with me, and I promise I'll get back on track again.

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