Monday, 5 July 2010

Loving you 'till I hate you

Have you ever loved a band/singer/writer/artist so much that it actually is a pain to watch/read/listen to them? I actually have. Muse. You rip my heart out everytime I hear your magnificent music. Why on earth do I feel like that? People who don't feel like that usualy just say: dude, relax. It's just a band, and it's not like you're ever to meet them. How on earth is that supposed to help? Everytime i watch a live preformance of them is like a bullet in my face. Who don't you just stop watching them, Miriam? Because I am addicted as hell. I can't go a day without Matthew's voice in my ear. Knowing that I love them so much whitout them knowing that I even breath is a bit freaky, and in the same time really sad. No wonder why people loses their minds on concerts and starts to stalk their idols. We don't know when to stop. I don't know if I dear go to the Muse concert later in thes summer. I am too afraid that I will do something stupid like shouting to the people around me "THEY'RE MINE!" or juping on to the stage ripping Matthew's shirt off.
I am officially crazy. o.o

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helene said...

yes. you are o.o