Sunday, 25 July 2010

One is silver, the other gold

A birthday gift from my best friend, Ragnhild !
Lately I've been thinking too many negative thoughts, and we all know that that's not healthy, but then today when I woke up I thought to myself: I'm extreamly lucky! I've got bestfriends who I know will always be there for me. There are som many people at my age that take it for granted. There are also so many people that think it's more important to have a huge number of friends, than to take care of the really good friendships. I mean; A person who's got a big number of friends, but have no real close friend has nothing compared to a person who's got maybe one or two bestfriends but know very few other people.
I experianced to discover that I clearly wasn't the most important person when I was in a group of friends, and that if I was at present or not was not really that big a deal. I felt really alone, though I was in a crowd.

But then I found a pair of really good best friends who I can totally be myself around. Who laugh at the same silly things that I do. Who are interested in what I have to say, and who want my opinion or my advise on things. Have you any idea how prescious that is? It is! My friends are greate, and even though they are few, and I don't see them as often as I really really do wish, we have this incredible bond. And even though we might draw some lines, we respect etch others lines. It is important to not forgetting to remember how lucky you are, and even though you don't know how to appreciate it, just think about it.

"Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

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Ragnhild said...

Min beste venn. Aller beste. Jeg sier det ikke nok, men uten deg hadde livet vært tomt. du farger det med smilet og personligheten din :D Jeg er så lykkelig for at vi sendte layouter til hverandre i friminuttet den gangen i 8 klasse, hvordan ellers hadde vi vært i dag?? "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold" fantastisk setning, 100% sann :D Jeg savner deg!! bastard!