Thursday, 22 July 2010

This wil be the greatest moment in my life for sure.

In less then 24 hours am I going to see the band that changed my life. the band that made me feel better when I wanted to hide away from the world. the band that made me believe in music. I'm going to see live the men that make me laugh so hard, that are so incredible in what they do and really give all they have in live preformances. Tomorrow wil my life change. I'm surten of it. It will be something very very big for me, and I think it might effect me more than anyone else who's listening. That's just who I am. Their music is so strong on me that it sometimes hurt to listen. It's very strange.
Anyway. Wow, I'm so exited. I can't believe that I'm gonna see my heros live.
I don't know if I can take it all in.


helene said...

heeeeeldig grisen!!! men kos deg mye <3 you deserve it

miriam said...

I knooooow xD

anna sofie said...

du satte akkurat ord på hvordan jeg også 'føler' muse. ingen er bedre enn dem, ingen!