Friday, 20 August 2010

All your dreams can vanish in the flash of a light

I am really sorry, but this is yet another "emo" post about my "horrible" life, though this time I'll tell you in a different way.

She was twelve years old, the girl who sat alone in her bedroom. She looked out the window and saw an airplane flying by. She sighed, longing to get away herself. Being taken by an airplane far away from all the nightmares. The nightmares that had ruined her whole childhood. You see, the world hadn't been good to her. It mocked her, chased her, chained her. It wasn't her home, but a prison. A tear fell on her cheek and another one on her nose. She didn't bother to wipe them away. Why was she being punished? What had she done? Nothing in particular. She had always been a good kid, and still she had been the victim. the victim indeed. 
Suddenly she could hear her mother's steps in the hallway. 
She got afraid that she would see her tears and desperately searched for something to cover up her face with. She saw a magazine laying on her desk, and grabbed it quickly. When she opened it her whole life changed in a blink of an eye. Suddenly all the agony was endurable. Suddenly she had hope. Her dreams were printed on a colorful page. Her dreams of going far away. Her dreams of England was laying right in front of her. The country she loved so deeply. It was within reach. She could get the chance to spend a whole year there. Go to school there. The things she had always dreams of doing was gathered in one single, colored page. She read it over and over again, then she wiped her tears and smiled. And for the first time in months it was a real.

Ok. Maybe that's not completely how it happened, but it was very very similar to this incident I just described. However, today I got the message that I was unable to go because of what I'm studying now in my first year at high school. 
My dreams were so close, and then in one tiny moment, they all shattered, and now there's nothing left.
But I'm not giving up. If I have to change school, than so be it. 
My only concern is that my parents are a bit.. hard to rock. 
Well, I have to wipe my tears and cross my fingers, and we'll see what happens. 

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Hayley Ann said...

you are the sweetest! thank you for the comment. i really enjoy your blog!