Sunday, 15 August 2010

A booklover never goes to bed alone

I love reading - or at least I used to. There is nothing better then diving into another world and absorb problems and incidents that has nothing to do with you at all. To get aquainted with a whole new world, a bunch of new people and learn to get to know them through the story. I espesially enjoy reading books from the 17 and 18 houndreds because life was so different back then, and I for my part think that many lived a very glamorous lives. Though they were constantly worrying about what everybody thought of them.
Frankly, sometimes I wish I lived in a book because then I could always rely on the fact that there was going to be a happy ending. (at least the kind of books I read) *sigh*
I can't but envy Elizabeth Benneth in particular who in the end gets the awesome, rough and sexy Mr. Darcy.
Lucky bastard.
Like reading much?


helene said...

yeeah i love it. but you know me. Fantasy <3

Milly said...

yeah! you're living in a fantasy. hoho