Thursday, 16 September 2010


He told her not to be afraid and kissed her on the neck. He told her someday she would heal and take her heart back. The fog grew thicker as they stood in the meadow. She always remembered that moment when she was sad and felt low. He left her there in the field. She on her hand forever her heart sealed. Every night she lay awake. Regretting every tiny mistake. She begged God for a second try. He never gave one, and she understood why. 'Cause one day they mett again, in the meadow as before. The girl was dazzled, the boy was soar. He told her he did not have long to live, but one final thing he wanted to give. He embraced her gently, and kissed her neck. Told her that someday her heart would come back. Then he lay down on the ground, and did not make another sound.

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