Sunday, 3 October 2010

(edited by me)
This movie is truly a movie made from dreams. Everything just makes you marvel and think "wow. let this happen to me God."
At least that's what I thought during the whole movie. It's not fair you know. The lives of the people on screen. Even when they are in grave danger, or broken down in tears they sort of got the promise that they'll get a happy ending. This is yet another one of those movies. This movie inspired me. Sofie loved to write, and I love to write. I love to travel and most of all to historical places. If I could chose between a farm in the middle of nowhere in Ireland and a luxurious holiday in Caribbean.. It would not have been the last one. Life is so much more than just partying and getting rich. It's about filling whatever space you have in your heart for something. You need to reach out and grab it. You need the courage to do so. I wish I had. I'm not there yet. I hope I will be one day. At least I'm on my way. My dream has been to spend a year living in England. Next year I'm living the dream. But it's just one of many dreams I've got. So far I've filled 3 spaces in my heart. I hope I get to fill them all.
Do you have spaces to fill in your heart?

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