Thursday, 28 October 2010


My gaze breaks through your fragile body. I enchant you with my glorious appearance. You're no match for my supernatural powers. You smell sweeter as your heart starts to pound. I approach you with my teeth clenched together. I am in for a treat tonight. My hollow eyes fixed on your neck veins. The survival instincts of yours are neutral. It's fascinating how paralysed you get. My powers are overruling you. I am close by your neck now. Not able to stand it any more. My mouth is dry from all the excitement. Softly I whisper that you won't feel a thing, then I slide my teeth across your cheek. You fill my mouth with your never ending blood, and scream as you satisfy my greatest desires. There is no mercy in my mind. Your blood is dripping in a flood. Now I'm satisfied. I leave you on the ground. You'll never make another sound.
Happy Halloween!


Hannah said...

oo, stilig bilde!

miriam said...

haha. takk :)

Anne-Marte said...

Ooj, skummelt bilde! Du er så god i engelsk, skjønner ikke hvordan du kan være så god!

sv: // Jeg skal til Manchester for å besøke Andreas :-)
Jaa, enig med at man kan forbinde flyplassen med muligheter.
Ooj, skal du til england neste år? På skole liksom? Eller forstod jeg det helt feil nå ? ;p hehe

Anne-Marte said...

// ooj, du er tøff! Håper det ordner seg da, det blir nok en opplevelse for livet!