Saturday, 20 November 2010

good night. I know it is.

They ran through the rain. The water twirled around their blurry figures. Once sheltered from the wet weather he stopped and gazed into the eyes of his beloved. "God truly blessed me when he sent me an angel from heaven," he said and kissed the face that appeared so sacred to him. His beloved smiled with eyes of joy and whispered in his ear "In my opinion he sent me to heaven when he gave me you." They kissed etch other again with a passion. Water ran down their joyful faces but the couple was too happy to notice. The woman sighed happy and said "I know I shall sleep well tonight. I'm protected with the idea of a guardian angel. Good night my love, Good night" She kissed his cheek and then she ran inside. The man stood frozen on the doorstep thanking God for having mercy on his soul. "Good night indeed, my love" he whispered and stepped out to feel the cold rain on his frail skin.

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