Sunday, 7 November 2010

"some things are worth getting your heart broken for"

She knew it would come one day. He would vanish from her life. Yet how could she accept it? She loved him with a love deeper than the ocean. She'd promised to stay with him. Left a safe parallel universe for him. He'd tried to spare her. Though he felt the same. She thought they would still be together after she sacrificed her safety for him. That it would all be over in a moment. They'd travelled across the universe together. 
How could they be parted? Earlier versions of her had warned her. She had asked them for advice. One of them said that some things are worth getting your heart broken for, another said that One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel. So that was what she did. But then the world ripped them apart. The sorrow was too much to bare. Her whole world burned to pieces. She couldn't heal. Then she heard him in her dreams. He kept whispering her name. Kept wanting her. She followed the dream. Met him on the beach. He wasn't real though. He was just a picture. She told him she loved him. He smiled. He'd never looked as beautiful before. Then he said he only had the time left to say something important. Her heart raced. She knew the words. He said her name, but then he vanished. All left were her tear-drops on the sandy beach. 


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ragnhild said...

hvorfor er ikke du forfatter enda T_T

miriam said...

Malene: så NÅ kommenterer du ja.... :3

Ragnhild: ÆææÆ! Jeg tar det som et kompliment. :D Bare vent! :3