Thursday, 23 December 2010

take me home

Poor child wandering alone in the snow. Who's to worry, who's to care? Doesn't she belong anywhere? Snow in her shoes, crystals in her hair. Nowhere to go, but away from here. Glistening tears on her cheek. Her knees are weakening, and she's stumbling. The wind blowing strong across her ear, there's no mercy in the air. Then at last she reaches a house. The lights are lit, there's happy children inside. She peaks through the revealing windows, sees a Christmas tree so beautiful. Christmas eve, she didn't know. Been wandering forever in the pale, white snow. She did not possess a home. why, she had no one to call her own. She sat and rested on their porch and when she woke she sat by the fire. Faces smiling as she woke. Then she heard a beautiful song, telling her that she was home.  


Drake said...

Nice. It was all a dream?

Miriam, did you ask Santa for David Tennant this Xmas? ;D

The answer to the turtle question, is both. ;)


miriam said...

Not really. I believe that if there are happy, smiling and welcoming people somewhere, then everywhere is a potential home. :)

Nah. I figured that would be impossible.. so I asked for Matthew Bellamy instead ;)

Happy Christmas to you too!