Thursday, 30 December 2010

Virtuous dove

Oh, she looked like a summer day. Her breath so even and lips of wine. People did not know what to say. A more beautiful creature was hard to find. He was madly in love you would know. He doted on her like no other man. Though his friends wished it wasn't so. To love that great nobody can. The man looked at his love all day long. She didn't notice because she was to shy to imagine. He was enchanted by her sweet song. He said; I love you, Imogene. She sure was taken by surprise. Her beautiful eyelashes fluttered like mad. They looked like a dancing butterfly. Her beauty made everyone sad. The man stepped forward and proposed to the pretty thing. Secretly she been wanting him all along. Imogene was so happy she thought she was growing wings. For nevermore she'd be alone. The man smiled and embraced his love. She swayed in his arms like a white, virtuous dove.


Charlotte Elise Jay said...

Gorgeous necklace :)

Such a lovely picture!!

Char x

Camilla said...

nice :D