Monday, 21 February 2011

day seventeen: favorite actors

Robert Downey Jr.
Where do I start? He is an incredible actor who always deliver a 100%. He acts in a way that makes you understand the character so much better. You get drawn into the story and how he does it is just beyond me.
Besides, he is absolutely gorgeous! Such a sexy man.
David Tennant
He is an acting God! He is crazy, wonderful and trustworthy. He is so incredible funny and he does absolutely everything he can to fill his role. When he played in Doctor Who he was so wonderful that grown men weeped when he said he was being replaced. He is brilliant! Truly!

Mark Strong
He's almost always playing the villain, but he is amazing! He makes me more interested in the villain than in the hero, and I'm actually hoping that the villain will win when he is playing that part. When he portrayed Mr. Knightley in Jane Austen's Emma, I nearly died of joy. He was perfection in motion! Lord, I've never seen anything as wonderful! I hope he will keep acting and acting until the end of time!

Toby Stephens
Not much to say really. He is totally utterly magnificent, wonderful and pretty!
I've loved him as everything he's played, both as a cute little thing and as a slimy nasty thing. I particularly loved him in Jane Eyre. Such brilliancy.

Simon Baker
What can I say? He makes this world a better place.

Alan Rickman
Too cool for this world. Too brilliant for this universe. Too sexy to be seen. Truly something special!

Ralph Fiennes
Some people might see him only as Lord Voldemort, but he is truly one of the best actors ever! He plays his parts so well, and you can't help but to get carried away and actually think that he is like his role in real life. In real life he is modest and deep and everything that's good in this world. He is a wonderful human being and I hope that the future will bring more of his type and caliber. The movie industry need more actors like him.

Of course I love a lot of actors, but these are the actors I think are the most talented and best. Johnny Depp, All Pachino, Sylvester Stallone, Edweard Northon, George Clooney and Matthew McFadyen are only some of the actors I worship as well as the actors above, but well.. The ones above is my favorites at the moment. However I'm not like most girls.. yes, I enjoy pretty actors and I think that almost every actor I like is pretty, but some actors are just creating magic on the screen regardless of their face. I really like them. 

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