Sunday, 20 March 2011

As I watch the birds fly. I think of you and sigh

Hello. My brother turned 20 today.
I painted my nails green and brown.
I realized yet again that I'm quite lonely.
I found out that I have a lazy eye which only appears on pictures.
I'm going to sell my Canada Goose. Simply because I hate that darn thing!
It hit me that I've actually grown tired of Pride & prejudice (at least for now)
It startled me that I actually don't like to watch TV or movies anymore.
I'm looking forward to the spring when I can sit outside and write while listening to birdsong.
I adore my spring shoes so much !
The clock is turning 21:00 at any moment.
I am tired. I want to take a shower.
Then I want to cuddle up in bed. 
Read for an hour or two and sleep (if God would let me)

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