Thursday, 7 April 2011

itsy bitsy tiny weenie yellow polka dot bikini

I am officially one of those bloggers. The bloggers who post pictures of their resent purchases just so that people will decompose behind their screens and die with envy. I'll take that risk. After all: I bought a pair of granny bikini pants and a well.. slightly ugly bikini top. I love it! I must say: there is nothing I dread more than standing in the fitting room, looking at my self in the mirror: Horrified!I need to loose some weight in order to make myself happy. But enough said! I also bought 4 new pairs of stockings. I needed it badly. It's different patterns on all of them. Zebra, stripes, leopard and another. 
All in all. A good day. Gonna watch more of my favorite detective of all times now. 


Silje :D said...

Bikinien var finfin! :D Liker at du har blitt en av de bloggerne, thihi! :D <3

helene said...

åå den var dritfin :D elsket fargen på den. nice buy !

Trine Sjursen said...

sv: hihi, tusen takk!

Vel, velkommen i klubben! Søtsøt bikini.

Åh, ja. spesielt de på Monki er gale. Speil hele veien rundt, og ikke minst hull i døren så man føler hele verden ser på.