Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Time Lord

As I drown in my own depravity, know that I shall remember you, Sir. Of that you may be certain. And as I sink deeper and deeper, only to be additional to the great darkness that awaits deep down in the shadows of the ocean, it will be as if time stood still. As if time did not exist. All the fish would forget how to swim and the streams of the ocean would forget how to move, because time was their teacher. Their purpose was given to them through time. As was mine. But you, sir. You came along. You dishonestly took away my purpose and so it is that without a purpose I shall not be fit to seize my existence. I shall perish. As shall we all who lose our purpose, our ways, our hearts. You blindfolded me and caused me to lose all of them. So as time is still, I'm not moving where I lay under the surface of the water. But you, Sir, have always been time's superior and so it does not apply to you. Why, I would say you had time to drag me out, save me and provide me with a new purpose of living - guarding your heart. Forever and forever again

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