Monday, 29 August 2011

A shooting star you may be but my eyes won't open - can't bare to see.

Just like the autumn you came with the wind. I let down my defenses and invited you in. 
How was I to know that it would be impossible to let you go.
I need you to stay. Though don't know if you feel the same way.
It does not matter to me. Feels like I've been waiting for eternity.
Waiting for you. The dream to come through.
Here you are. Glowing like a shooting star.
I feel strong. But not for long. Because I know. I have to let you go.
How can I? My heart asks why.
Why won't faith leave me happy for a while? Am I prohibited to love your smile.
Love you. Too.
It seems to be faith's only rule. To make me a fragile-feeling fool.
You'll slip away between my trembling fingers. But the dream I dream of you lingers.
Forever. But you shall be mine - never.

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brian said...

that was very pretty...your an amazing writer. i love your work