Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

I don't know if there is anybody reading this blog and I feel that I don't really mind that, because I am writing these poems more for myself than for other people. If there however are some people out there then this is just a little look into my mind. As you may have noticed I write mostly poems about sorrow caused by heartache. All I write is written at the time when I am going through something that is related to the poem that I produce. I know my poems aren't great in any way, but I don't edit them. The words fall out of the blue in that moment. Once they are written down I don't fix anything. I just press the publish button. None of the pictures however are taken by me. They come from, a site I really love.

It's such a relief for me to have this blog where I can get some of my feelings out even if there may only be two people reading it. It is good to get it out there in stead of keeping it inside. You see, I used to struggle a lot with depressions and other hurtful things, but I got passed it. Sometimes however things build up real bad and I think that if I do not get them out then I am in danger of falling back into the black hole that I used to live in for a while.

But happy new year people! 
I will not say that I will try to update more because I won't. I only update when I need to lift something off my chest.


brian said...

happy new year, no worries reading your blog and it would seem that we have the same writing style and our blogs serve the same purpose for us. i love your writing and very much look forward to your post...have an awesome year and remember to keep always makes things better

premier jour said...

i'm reading it ! thank you because your words was from the words that i read in the night alone and makes me cry ! when i read it thought that my self talks finely , thank you so much ! i wish i was know you , sorry but who are you?