Sunday, 15 January 2012

pure white dove

pretty white dove so high soaring
you're flying high though your wings are tearing
your exhausted body can take no more
somehow you forgot what you're still here for
you rest your feet in an olive tree
silently you pray for the world to let you be
for your life you thank while raising your head to the sky
all those years, those decades you've been flying high 
forever you've been pleasing with your carefree songs
but now you're ready to carry on to the place where the past belongs

This poem is dedicated to my lovely grandma who's now in a caring home.
She is now very ill and wishes to pas on. I love you so much grandma. 
You have been such an inspiration to me for all these years. 
I wish that I could be there for you in these tough times. 
You're always in my thoughts. 

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