Monday, 11 October 2010

an eternal happy frame

I watched the landscape as the car drove through the trees on it's way to my favourite place on earth. The leafs dropped, the birds sang and the radio was on jazz. My heart danced, my dimples appeared and my grandpa said we're here. I opened the car and the wind wished me welcome. I greeted it back as I closed my eyes and sighed. A sheep watched me, and he kinda smiled. This picture wore an internal happy frame.
I'm going to our cabin now, and I wish all of you a great autumn break. I know I will have one.
We'll speak more in a weeks time. 


Marte said...

sv: Tusen takk! Men den siste tegningen er ikke en spesiell en, men hun lignet faktisk litt på hun du sa ja... :b hehe

helene said...

åe takk beste! kos deg på landet <3<3

Drake said...

Hi Miriam.

Have much fun on your cabin vacation. I'm going to miss you. ;)

Those 3 things you have done are all pretty sweet.

Milly said...

Thanks Drake!
I'm back now :-)