Thursday, 7 October 2010

School is for fools

Hey! Here comes a poem-free post. I have to admit posting the poems I have made over the last time has been really fun for me. Now I actually like my own creations! Been really busy with school lately. Hate it. I am so exhausted that every day when I come home to study I fall asleep, and in the nights I have nightmares and dreams about the alarm ringing and I actually awoke three times last night to "go to school" only to discover that the time was actually 1,2 or 3 in the morning. Exhausted.


Drake said...

Hi Miriam.

What are the 3 spaces you've filled in your heart?

I definitely have one huge gap to fill in my heart.

Maybe somethings just aren't meant to be? :(

Milly said...

1. I've finally visited Scotland. The country that I've been longing to see for too long.
2. I've seen Muse live twice! Which I's my favorite band ever.
3. I've finally applied to a year in England.

Maybe silly things but these are things that matters to me. I have more on my list as well like writing a book, find the perfect guy etc. But we'll see what life brings. It's all about actually daring to do the things you dream of. Like if you dream of climbing Mount Everest than why not? Even if you don't reach the top.

oh. What's wrong :/?
Love gone bad? :(