Monday, 15 November 2010

light of hope

private picture
As he walked though the valley, all he saw was sorrow and despair. Howling creatures clenched around his shoulders, tried to pull him down under. The man staggered on not knowing if he could bare it. He could not carry all the burdens any longer. Just before he was to surrender he saw a light up in the hill. Suddenly he regained hope. His spirit awoke as he followed the light. The light grew bigger, the man more confident. He reached the top and found her. The woman of his deepest desires. Her long, red hair danced in the cold autumn night, and the light in her hands flickered. He realized she wasn't holding a torch or a candle, but the light was floating between her hands. She did not say a word. She smiled at him, a smile that gave him hope. Then she disappeared. She never returned. It did not matter. The man had reached his goal. The light burned on forever in his eyes. 

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