Sunday, 28 November 2010

oh never had I met anyone more graceful and charming. Pride only being to his benefit. Yet he had this darkness hanging over him. A dark power that tormented him. So amiable that one could not help but being enchanted. Yet one could not talk to him without shivering. Slightly frightened. My mind told me to keep distance, but I could not be led by reason. One thought developed into courage and so I spoke. and so he listened. He answared. So I looked at him. One look. His dark features possessed me. Dark though saintlike features. His piercing eyes looked straight through me. The world went gloomy. There was nothing more. Our look embraced one another. Possessed etch others consistence. One might say it was the look of love. But it was not so. It was something more. Something deeper. Something dangerous. Yet I was not frightened. He knew. He smiled.

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annee said...

ååå elsker den filmen!