Wednesday, 24 November 2010

my heart is yours. truely.


Drake said...

Hi Miriam. I like the black one. ;)

A picture in a picture.
A smile within a smile.
Miriam is the one with that extra special style.

A magical creation.
A twinkle in her eye.
Miriam is so cool, she doesn’t even have to try.

A golden tree in summer.
A song that’s in my heart.
Miriam, you can always be my awesome work of art.

miriam said...

How is it possible to be so cute and nice? You are the cutest guy I've ever.. well (I can't say met).. come across. And you are so talented in writing too! Thank you for the comment! I loved it :D

Drake said...

Hi Miriam.

Thanks. I'm happy that you liked my tune.
It's always good to have such a sweet inspiration. ;)

miriam said...

oh. thanks! If all guys were like you.. :)

Casie Jean said...

i want to wear all of these! just lovely xoxo
Casie Jean