Tuesday, 23 November 2010

you belong to the gutter

Her name was Sandy. Sweet like candy. Every boy had starry eyes. She hid behind her stupid lies. Only settled for the highest hill. So hard and shallow and without a will. Roaming around so aimlessly. Her admires remained so faithfully. Only one could not comprehend how she could operate so brazenly. He understood that she was fatally. As always enchanted by her face so cute. Plotting how to conceal the truth. She did not notice someone lurking. Did not see or sense the smirking. Someone sneaking up behind. Guess she always was too blind. He left her dying in the gutter. There she lied unable to stutter. Not so pretty any more.
Nothing but a cold, dead whore.


helenekalland said...

det er du som har skrevet det sant? Jeg blir helt amazed jeg! DU ER SÅ FLINK!

miriam said...

ja. jeg skriver alt selv på bloggen! aw! takk søteste! <3