Monday, 13 December 2010


it's in these troubled times that the enemies fights side by side, and the good shepherd return to collect more of the lost sheep.  

What I mean is that it's hard times. The time before Christmas is always the worst. The teachers keep pushing on you the things they realized they had to push on you sooner or later, and you run around trying to juggle schoolwork with the crazy times before the holidays. Presents to be bought, wish lists to be made, house to be cleaned, and so on. Is it hard to comprehend why we are so anxious to get Christmas break? We all need peace and quiet. We need silence, and I for my sake need to be alone. Christmas gives you what you need. Whether it's to read a book you been longing to read or hang out with friends you haven't seen for a long time. It gives you an excuse for being inside, watching Christmas movies and eating candy. It gives you an excuse to relax.
If I I'm absent these days, then it's because I'm busy busy busy, but I'll be back on track soon.
I promise.
(oh, don't you hate promises? It's sort of saying that you will eventually break what ever promise you made in the end)

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