Saturday, 11 December 2010

He said hey my baby. Listen to this. I'm gonna write you a love song sealed with a kiss. I'll make sure you get all you deserve, 'cause you're my perfect, saintlike, pretty girl. Then he sat down on his piano chair and for a second forgot that I was even there. The melodies kept filling the air, and soon I forgot that I was really there. The most beautiful song I did ever hear. Danced through the room and seduced my ear. I couldn't believe the delicate notes that was played. but then he rose from his chair, took me in his arms and said: my baby, baby why are you crying. You did not like my song? baby, honestly, I'm trying. He started talking nonsense but I stopped his voice. Hold my hand on his mouth so he didn't have a choice. I leaned down and whispered in his ear baby I love you more then my heart can bear. The most prettiest song that was ever composed. How could you know my dreams so undisclosed? Then I dropped my hand, and saw his huge, wide smile. He picked me up and danced with me in movie style. Sat me down with him on his piano chair, and when he played he was full aware that I was there. 

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