Saturday, 22 January 2011

one of those lists

day 01: about myself
day 02: my pet
day 03: newest buy
day 04: things that make me laugh
day 05: favorite movie
day 06: favorite song
day 07: plans for the summer
day 08: favorite band
day 09: dream wedding
day 10: wish list
day 11: tv-series i'm addicted to
day 12: my house
day 13: my handwriting 
day 14: part of my body I like the least
day 15: part of my body I like the most
day 16: The city I live in
day 17: favorite actors
day 18: picture of things in my purse
day 19: me two years back
day 20: ten things you didn't know about me
day 21: a normal day
day 22: role models 
day 23: five things I loved when I was younger
day 24: fears
day 25: ten things I wanna do before I die
day 26: five pets I would like to own
day 27: photo of myself as a kid
day 28: favorite book
day 29: something I made myself
day 30: picture of myself today + 3 good things that happened to me the past thirty days

Hey! I decided to make one of those lists that people always make when they have nothing to blog about or no inspiration.
Since there is few thats reading this blog, and I'm blogging mostly for my own sake I thought : Why not?
It's a good way to get to know myself a bit better. Which I think I will.

See you later. 

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