Sunday, 23 January 2011

day one: about myself

I'm one of those teenagers you see moaning around in the streets. I'm the feared generation in the middle of puberty. Though, I'm seen as a member of this "race" I think of myself as an outsider. I do not quite fit in.

I enjoy quiet evenings with British crime and a cup of tea. I love Jane Austin and Oscar Wilde.
My superheroes for real. I love to read and I laugh out load whenever I read a great masterpiece. Of course I read in the light of only candles. Is there another way to read? I like to rock in my chair and stare out of my window. I love autumn and I believe the wind is God's greatest creation. I like to let my point of view be known to the world, though I rarely take interest in actually learning anything. I'm lazy, but it's due to my mind being tired with all the drama around me. I'm absolutely in gaga over England, and I love it more then Norway which is my true home. sadly. Next year I will hopefully be on a plane to England where I'll spend one year at school.
I dream of living in a small cottage with a huge rose garden where I'll write meaningless poems, scripts and annoying letters to the king. I'll own a sheep called Charlie and spend my days gazing out in the fields. Maybe I'll one day even be a publisher in a huge company or publish my own books. ah. One is allowed to dream. 

There is not more to know really. Oh yes! I almost forgot! Turtles are way cool.

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