Monday, 7 February 2011

day eleven: tv-series I'm addicted to.

The Mentalist. Patric Jane is amazing! He's funny, smart, childish and exceedingly brilliant. He's helping the police solving cases and he wants revenge on "Red John" who murdered his family. I love this show. I have to watch it every Wednesday or else ... I cry.. I'm just kidding. .. no. 

Top Gear. The coolest show on earth! I didn't have a care in the world for cars before these three brilliant men convinced me that they are amazing. They challenge just about everything, they fight etch other, they challenge etch other, they interview celebs, mess around, break things. they're awesome! Richard (on the left) is just so unbelievable adorable, Jeremy (in the middle) likes to pick on him for being small, and he says the most hilarious things, and James is just silly, "captain slow" and considers himself to be a "real gentleman" they're brilliant! I'm addicted!

Live at the Apollo. FUNNY!. The greatest comedians of the UK preforms on stage and make me laugh every single time. Sadly they've stopped sending it here in Norway, but I hope it will be back again soon because.. I LOVE IT! Especially this guy on the photo, Michael McIntyre. He's my hero! truly!

Criminal minds. Personally I'm fed up with all these police TV-shows that are all over the place, but this is really good entertainment. They're so talented and the stories are much more advanced then the others. Besides.. the guy in the back.. is SUPER CUTE AND NERDY!

I also watch British short-series that appears on TV from time to time. White Chapel murders is really good, and also small series from the 1800 are really fun. 


Trine Sjursen said...

elsker også Live at the Apollo og Criminal minds. IKKE MINST Matthew Gray Gubler, ja! En stor grunn til å se på programmet, hehe.

Amy said...

i LOVE live at the appolo and top gear. like you i was never really interested in cars before i watched the show but i love watching it to see the rediculose tasks they have to each week :)