Saturday, 5 February 2011

day ten: wish list

This beautiful dress from Topshop. I can't seem to get it out of my mind. Owning it would be wonderful!

I love dr.Martens! Love, love, love. I've already got boots, so I would love to get a pair of these shoes. They're very eye catching and look perfect.

This blazer from ModCloth is just perfect. It forms perfectly after the shape of your body. 

I want a briefcase so badly! Every time I see someone with one I shout to one of my friends: LOOK!
Sadly they're very expensive. hmm.

I couldn't find a better image of a cameo necklace. I want a white one. They're so pretty. 

A letter wax set. When (if) I get to England, I wanna write letters home, and I want to do that in the old fashion way. Thats expensive too.

I realize that most people wish for Chanel bags, YSL rings etc, but I like to keep my wishes realistic. :-)

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Amy said...

i'm sooooo jelous! i REALLY want some DM's.