Saturday, 12 February 2011

day fourteen: part of my body I like the least.

My thighs are the thing I like the least about my body. Hate them in fact. I suppose everyone has something on their body they don't like, and sometimes it's even hard to find something you actually can say that you like. My thighs are big, and makes the rest of my legs seem bigger too. I'm surrounded with girls at my age that are so well fitted without having to exercise to get the body, but I exercise three times a week and do not eat candy but still I can't see any difference what so ever. It's unfair you know. But I suppose that's how God intended it to be. We aren't supposed to be thin and gorgeous all as one. We come in all shapes and sizes. But why didn't I come in one with smaller thighs? :)

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Amy said...

i know just how you feel. i HATE my thighs and feel so self concious about them. i feel even worse when i see my freinds and their thin thighs and think "why can't i have thighs like them?" its very true that we all come in all different shapes and sizes but unforunately i was created to be short and fat, and it seems that no matter how much exercise and healthy eating i do i just can't shift any of my weight -.- it's so unfair!