Saturday, 12 February 2011


(edited and text by myself)
Life is risky. Full of choices that can ruin you if you pick a wrong turn. It doesn't wait for anyone. One has got to put oneself out there not knowing what it all will come to. 
Life is tough. You get rejected. Roaming around in the cold, alone, you feel helpless. Your belief in life, God, yourself might be wounded. Sometimes you don't know what's left to live for. You don't know how to stand up again after being struck down by reality. 
Life is hurtful. You meet people you trust, whom you wanna share everything with, you dreams, pursues and hopes with. You want them to be your whole world. Only thing you ask for is to be the same for them. They promise, they lie, you bleed. Life isn't merciful. It doesn't help you back on your feet again. You're alone. 

I'm afraid. Everyday I think about the possibility of ending up alone, in a job that's not getting me anywhere, and with the feeling that I really have nothing left to life for. Feeling helpless, not pursuing any of my dreams. Stuck. Alone. Afraid. Life is a battle. It's not guaranteed that you're gonna win. It's filled with disappointment. You only get one shot at it. Fail and your out. It's frightening. No security what so ever. 

But I guess there's a light in the tunnel somewhere. It's just hard to see it sometimes when your surrounded with fog and shadows.

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