Saturday, 26 February 2011

early Saturday morning

My book from eBay finally arrived in the mail. I can't wait to start reading it. Richard Hammond is one of my idols. He's had an extraordinary life so far and he writes in a funny way. Gonna be fantastic. I love reading the story of others. It gives me hope I suppose. I read Edvard Grieg and Michael McIntyre's biography's as well. They both started up in a small matter and now they're both famous in two completely different ways.

I am addicted. Have almost finished two seasons in two days. I love Eric! He's so selfish and mean, and of course: used to getting what he wants. Bill reminds me a little too much about Edward Cullen, but...well.
One thing is definitely: A lot of crazy things happens in that place. wow.

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Anne-Marte said...

wow, bloggen din har blitt superfin!
du har så mange interesser! okei, dette høres sikkert rart ut, men helt seriøst, jeg skulle ønske jeg også hadde noen interesser, noe jeg virkelig "brenner" for liksom.

sv:/ å, England! Så sykt kjekt! Lykke til, og kos deg masse!
takk for kommentar og hjelp!