Saturday, 8 September 2012

And she said, tonight the sun will sink into the sea and reveal another day, and tomorrow I'll love you more. Every look, glimpse or glance brings me closer to you. She breathed out and stood to look him directly in the face before putting his hand on her closed eyes and she whispered, and if you should never see tomorrow then know that i'd be blind. For your the light reflected through my eyes, without you there is none. She lifted his hands from her eyes and put one finger on her mouth. Softly she whispered, and if you should ever leave, heaven forbid you will. I should never speak again for there would be nothing speaking of. People might preach as they do but I would not utter a word. My lips sealed be, my words unspoken. She lifted his arms off her body and stood to examine him. He stood motionless with hands hanging down until he smirked and replied, don't fear my love for there would never be such a day. If we die we die together, if we love we love each other and so our life goes on. The sun may set the sun might rise but the moon shines just the same. So my love's inspired by the moon. The shimmer and the dark stays faithful, impossible to shake. Sometimes you might only see half my love but you shall always know that behind those dark, thick clouds the rest will always be. And forty years from now you'll wake up in my arms, remembering this very moment and you'll know that every promise I will keep and my love shall never grow weak. So he took her hands and bent so their foreheads rested upon each other. He closed his eyes and the world outside disappeared. Only she existed now. And it remained like that for the rest of their lives.

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