Sunday, 16 September 2012

she waited 'till the morning sun rose and waited to catch her breath. Then she put on her best dress and went down the stairs. The morning fog lay thick as she continued down the stone path, while praying to God that her wishes would come through. The sun peaked through the trees as she walked through the woods. The moss was wet with morning rain and the trees whispered secrets with the wind. Eventually she reached the clearing and the meadow appeared before her eyes. She breathed heavily but not with exhaustion but with expectation. Her steps were soundless as she floated through the wet grass. Her long dress lightly touching the ground, slowly drenching as she walked. Suddenly she stood there, in the middle of the field. The corn swaying softly in the wind. Disappointing struck her as a bullet from a gun and she was just about to leave, when he appeared on the other side of the field. They both walked towards each other with admiration in their eyes. Then they met halfway and stood there watching each other until the sun hit their faces and blinded their sight.

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