Friday, 4 February 2011

day nine: dream wedding

 I've never given much thought to how I would want my wedding to be. I guess I would love to have it in a small church on the countryside, or maybe outdoors like this picture above. cute.
 Maybe been escorted to the party with my prince charming in this cute carriage?
 Have my wedding reception in a small party tent with beautiful flowers all around, powder pink and baby blue details. hmm.

Of course I would be wearing something spectacular. A lovely Victorian inspired dress would have been a dream coming true. lovely. 

I would love to have a stylish, sweet little wedding cake. Nothing fancy, but traditional. I've always been a sucker for traditions. Love it. 

1 comment:

helene said...

du har akkurat samme planer som meg ! hehe. ville elsket å ha bryllupet ute sånn som på det ene bilde :D